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Simple Assault Charges Dismissed

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Yesterday, Attorney Julie Marburger got charges against a client dismissed at the District Judge level. The client was charged with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. Attorney Marburger got the charges dismissed by the Judge and will expunge the charges so the infraction will not be on the client’s record.

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Misdemeanor Charges Dropped at Preliminary Hearing in Berks County

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Yesterday I (attorney Dan Nevins) represented a client charged with two misdemeanor offenses following a somewhat unusual incident in Berks County, PA. He was facing a charge of Agricultural Vandalism as well as Criminal Mischief as a result of a motor vehicle accident in which his vehicle went off a road, through a farmer’s fence and down a hill into a field.

Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a favorable settlement at the time of the preliminary hearing. The misdemeanor charges were dropped in exchange for my client paying for the fence repair as well as a small fine to the district court.

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Aggravated Assault by DUI Charge Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Yesterday I (attorney Dan Nevins) represented a client in a Berks County District Court charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault by DUI. At this stage the Commonwealth only needs to establish a prima facie case against a Defendant in order for a charge to be held for court. This is a relatively low legal burden, and does not approach the guilt beyond a reasonable doubt standard necessary for a criminal conviction.

I was able to earn a dismissal of one of the three counts at the preliminary hearing by contesting the lack of serious bodily injury to one of the parties. Graded as a Felony of the Second Degree, my client had faced a maximum of 10 years for this particular count. Though we still have work to do to secure a final and favorable outcome in this case, we have taken a significant step in the right direction.

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Simple Assault charges dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Today a client of ours had a very favorable resolution to his pending criminal matter.  Several months ago a situation occurred at the home of client’s girlfriend which resulted in the police being called to the scene.  Charges of Simple Assault, Harassment, Criminal Tresspass, Public Drunkeness and Disorderly Conduct were filed against this young man who, prior to this, has no contact with the criminal justice system.  Thankfully, in the ensuing months the individuals involved in the matter repaired their relationships.  In the end, the Commonwealth witnesses did not want to testify and the charges were dismissed.

This type of situation is not uncommon in Berks County and throughout Pennsylvania.  What is important to realize, however, is that once the police have become involved and charges get filed, the matter will end up in court.  In other words, it is not up to the victim to “drop”  the charges.  In many cases, and for a variety of reasons, the police or the Assistant District Attorney will try to persuade the uncooperative witness to testify against the Defendant.  After all, that is part of their job.  At the Preliminary Hearing the only person that can truly decide whether the case is going forward is the District Judge.  

At a Preliminary Hearing a lot can happen that a Criminal Defendant does not expect.  That’s why it is important to retain the services of a Criminal Defense Attorney.  Even if you believe the Commonwealth witnesses won’t testify, you never know for sure.   Similarly, if you have been subpoenaed to testify by the Commonwealth and you do not want to testify you should also engage the services of an attorney to protect your rights.  We are currently accepting new clients in all criminal and family law matters – contact our office today for a free consultation.