Hire Experienced Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody battles have a reputation for getting ugly. Parents often have difficulty agreeing about what is best for their children. When you need to file for custody in Reading, PA, or other parts of Berks County, it is important to have an experienced custody attorney on your side. Ebner, Nevins & McAllister can help you determine what is the best outcome for your case and fight for the rights of your children so they can experience the safety and security of good relationships with both parents, unless there is a good reason to avoid the other parent.

Simple Custody Issues

In some situations, your child custody issues may be simple. Our Reading, PA, child custody attorneys can help you review an agreement you make between you and your child’s other parent. We can also give you advice so you can make a solid plan that benefits everyone, especially your children. Even if you and your ex aren’t in agreement, we can help you mediate to a successful outcome without having to step foot in the Berks County courtroom.

Complex Custody Issues

Our child custody attorneys in Reading, PA, can also handle your most complex child custody situations. If you and your ex aren’t able to work together at all, count on a custody attorney at our Berks County office to help you navigate your case. It isn’t always easy to argue your case in front of a judge and realize the outcome that is best for you and the children. If you are having issues with your custody arrangement, count on us to help.