Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorneys

Fighting Criminal Charges in Berks County

With police officers focused on closing their case and prosecutors intent on painting you as a criminal, it can seem like your fate has already been sealed. At Ebner, Nevins & McAllister, we are committed to reminding everyone involved in criminal cases of this fact: you are innocent until proven guilty. Whether you have made a mistake or were wrongly accused of committing a crime in Pennsylvania, we will zealously protect your rights.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Each of our Attorneys began their legal careers fighting for the rights of indigent criminal defendants while in the Berks County Public Defender's Office. We know what side we're on and we know what we believe in - protecting the rights of the accused. Collectively we have defended literally thousands of criminal cases in Berks County Courts and throughout Pennsylvania. This depth and breadth of experience gives us the ability to accurately evaluate your particular case and inform you of the likely outcome. We know how to anticipate the arguments of the prosecution and how to defeat them in negotiation and at trial. We have extensive experience protecting our clients against criminal charges such as:

Drug Offenses

Forgery and Fraudulent Practices

Criminal Trespass



Firearms Offenses

Theft Offenses

Arson and Related Offenses

Causing or Risking Catastrophe

Criminal Mischief

Driving Offenses

Indirect Criminal Contempt (ICC)

Kidnapping and Related Offenses


Reckless Endangerment


Sex Offenses

Terroristic Threats

Traffic Offenses