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Smiles in the Courtroom

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Criminal Law |

Our attarneys are typically involved in contested courtroom proceedings. Whether its a Motion to Suppress Evidence for a DUI Arrest or Drug Charge, a Criminal Jury Trial or a heated Child Custody case we are used to adversarial hearings against other skilled Berks County attarneys. That’s what made yesterday afternoon’s hearing unique and refreshing.

At the joint request of a mother, father, grandmother and grandfather I had filed an adoption petition regarding a baby girl. It’s a rare pleasure when a family is able to use the court system to benefit everyone involved. In the end the child will grow up in a loving environment where her adoptive mother and father and birth father and mother will all be involved in her upbringing. She will also have access to excellent health care afforded to her by adoptive mother’s employment.
The hearing was presided over by a well-respected Berks County Judge. At the conclusion of the hearing after seeing smiles on the faces of all the participants the Judge suggested taking a photograph to memorialize the moment. It’s not every day you see so many happy people leaving a courtroom.



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