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Fast Track ARD for DUI in Berks County, PA

by | Jan 11, 2011 | Criminal Law |

The ARD program in Berks County is a way for an eligible candidate to avoid the mandatory jail time associated with a first time DUI. As we’ve previously posted, you can earn a dismissal of your DUI case by participation in this special first-time offenders program. Your participation will include community service, safe driving classes and court fines and costs. Our firm prides itself on making the entire process as simple as possible for our clients. One way we do this is by taking advantage of the so-called “Fast Track ARD” process.

When facing any criminal or DUI case an individual can expect to go to as many 4 or 5 court hearings. To many people appearing in front of a Judge and other courtroom personnel can be a stressful situation, not to mention time consuming. During an initial case evaluation we are usually able to determine pretty quickly if we can reduce the number of court appearances down to two. In addition, with our knowledge of Berks County Courts we can very often have our clients in and out of court in under half an hour. By ensuring that our clients are informed and engaged in the process we make certain that they are as prepared for court as we are. This fact is as important with a First Time DUI case as it is with a serious felony.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Berks County please contact our office for a no-cost consultation to see if you may qualify for the ARD program.



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