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Not Guilty Verdict for Trucker in Weight Restriction Case

by | Jan 13, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Yesterday, I represented a tractor trailer driver in a summary appeal case of a citation for violation of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code at 75 PaCSA 4902, Restrictions on use of highways and bridges. This section of the vehicle code makes it illegal to operate a motor vehicle on roads or bridges with a posted weight restriction. Most often this is meant to prevent truck drivers from operating on minor roads or bridges that have not been constructed to bear significant weight.

In this particular case my client had been fined over $3,200 for inadvertantly making a wrong turn. The fine was so large because the weight restriction on this road was 10 tons and his unladen tractor trailer weighed over 33,160 pounds. The law calls for graduated fines depending on how far the vehicle was over the limit.

Our position was that my client did not intend to operate his truck on this road. Instead, he testified that he had made a wrong turn, saw the posted weight restriction and began to make efforts to turn around when the officer stopped him. Fortunately for my client, common sense carried the day and the Judge found him not guilty.

Our firm continues to grow its practice in Traffic and Motor Vehicle Law and Licensing issues. Many clients are CDL Drivers whose livelihood depends on their license. If you are facing a loss of license or heavy fines as a result of a motor vehicle citation please contact our office for a free consultation. For the convenience of non-Berks County or non-Pennsylvania residents we offer no cost, confidential telephone consultations as well.



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