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Client Avoids Automatic Departmental Hearing in Speeding Case

by | Feb 11, 2011 | Criminal Law |

This week I represented a man charged with violating the PA Vehicle Code at Section 3362(c)(1)(i) – Excessive Speed in a 65 mph zone. In this case my client was charged with topping out at 112 mph, placing his violation in the highest tier or more than 31 mph over under Section 1535. This is significant since such a violation triggers a mandatory departmental hearing with PENNDOT. Additionally, such a violation would result in 5 points on his license.
In this particular case I was able to negotiate with the state trooper who had stopped my client on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I had previously advised my client to participate in a voluntary safe driving program to show initiative to the court. This participation, coupled with my client’s work history and lack of significant driving record helped my negotiation to be a successful one. In the end we pled to an amended citation of 15 mph over and as a result my client only suffered 3 points on his license. No departmental hearing, no suspension.

Our law firm regularly obtains favorable outcomes for individuals charged with violations of the vehicle code or other driver’s license issues. If you are facing a speeding ticket or traffic citation in Berks County, PA or Southeastern Pennsylvania please do not hesitate to contact our office for a free consultation.



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