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Emergency Custody Petition in Berks County, PA

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Liz Ebner, our Divorce and Custody attarney, recently relayed to me a favorable result she obtained for a family law client of ours:

Liz: In a recent Emergency Petition in Custody, father did not have primary physical custody ever and mother threatened to move child out of state and prevent father from seeing his child again. I filed an Emergency petition “writ na exist” to prevent mother from removing the child from Berks County without permission of the Court and had child removed from mother’s custody to father pending a future hearing. The Parties were able to work out a suitable custody agreement in the end.

The attarneys at Nevins & McAllister are currently accepting new family law clients. We work hard to get you the best results in your custody or divorce case. We recognize and respect the strong emotions that are often at play in these types of cases. We pride ourselves on caring deeply about our clients and the children that are involved. Please contact our office for a free consultation if you are facing or would like to initiate a divorce or custody action in Berks County, Pennsylvania.



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