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Juvenile Decertification Granted in Reading PA Robbery Case

by | May 31, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Today, I (attarney Dan Nevins) represented a 17 year old young man on allegations of armed Robbery. Under those circumstances, it was considered a “direct file” offense. This means that although the defendant is technically a juvenile, he was prosecuted as though he was an adult. When I undertook representation of this client several weeks ago my immediate objective was to get his case transferred from adult court to juvenile court. This was particularly important since he was facing the possibility of a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence if he was ultimately convicted in adult court.

After negotiating with attarneys for the Commonwealth as well as the police prosecutor I was able to persuade them to move for a transfer of prosecution. Today, a Berks County Judge issued an order transferring the case to Juvenile Court. Thankfully, my youthful client will be able benefit from the treatment and rehabilitation of the juvenile system rather than suffer a legnthy state prison sentence in the adult system.

If you or your child faces a serious criminal charge in Berks County PA call now to arrange a no-cost consultation. We are also available to meet with defendants and juveniles who are locked up in Berks County Prison or the Berks County Youth Center.



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