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Reading PA Protection from Abuse (PFA) Case Resolved

by | Jun 15, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Today I represented a young father who was facing a PFA petition. After filing the petition, the plaintiff (Client’s ex) had kept client from seeing their 1 year old child. Clearly, the most important thing to Client was seeing his son.

I was able to negotiate temporary custody provisions whereby Client would have physical custody every weekend for three days effective immediately.

Frequently, when parties to a PFA have minor children together, custody language is inserted into a PFA order to serve as a temporary measure until a Custody petition is filed. Additionally, a Defendant facing a PFA petition can lose other rights important to them, such as eviction from a home or business, due to an adverse PFA order. Therefore, no matter what side of a PFA you are on, it is crucial that you retain counsel.

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