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Not Guilty in Berks County Retail Theft Case

by | Jul 12, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Last week I represented a client charged with a summary offense of Retail Theft in Berks County for an alleged drive off at a local gas station. The facts of the case are rather unusual, requiring a creative defense. 

After pumping his gas, Client sees a police car approaching. Client, already in his vehicle pulls alongside the gas station and further down through the parking lot at which time he is stopped by the officer for an unrelated incident. Client is subsequently placed into custody for the unrelated incident.

Client is adamant that he did not intend to steal gas. Rather, he was not able to pay for the gas, as he had intended, since he was stopped and placed into custody by police for the other incident. After a Summary Hearing the District Judge found Client guilty of Disorderly Conduct only and client paid a fine.

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