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Protection from Abuse (PFA) petition dismissed in Berks County, PA case

by | Sep 15, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Today I represented a client facing allegations of abuse by his former spouse. She filed for a Protection from Abuse order following an incident that occurred during a custody exchange. My client was facing a 3 year no contact order, a finding of abuse as well as the custody implications from an adverse ruling.

Fortunately, the PFA petition was dismissed following a hearing. I was able to cross-examine the Plaintiff and expose inconsistencies between her testimony and her prior written statements. Ultimately, this led the Judge to conclude that my client and his testimony were more credible than that of the plaintiff.

If a Protection from Abuse Petition has been filed against you, you need to protect yourself. You can lose important rights as a result of a PFA case. You can be evicted from your home, lose custody of your children, lose your right to carry firearms, or be restricted from other locations. Unfortunately, at times, some individuals attempt to abuse the PFA act by filing false allegations of abuse in order to gain an advantage in a custody or divorce case. This should not be tolerated. The PFA act is an important protection for legitimate victims and should be treated as such. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation in your Berks County PFA case.



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