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Berks County’s DUI STOP Program

by | Oct 27, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Today I represented 2 individuals who are both charged with 2nd time DUI offenses in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Under mandatory sentencing laws a highest tier (.16+) DUI carries a 90 day jail if it is the second such offense within the last 10 years. With a second time conviction an offender also faces an 18 month license suspension followed by ignition interlock.

Fortunately, Berks County has an excellent program known as “STOP” or the Second Time Offenders Program for Driving Under the Influence. A successful candidate with a highest tier offense will end up with a 5 day jail sentence plus 85 days on house arrest or in a halfway house rather than the 90 day prison sentence. Additionally, the successful candidate will receive personalized treatment and counseling depending on the nature and extent of their substance abuse issues. Over the years the Berks County STOP program has done a terrific job of rehabilitating offenders while protecting the public.

The laws in Pennsylvania are tough on repeat DUI offenders. For more information on alternative sentencing in Berks County call our office for a free consultation. You may be eligible for ARD, STOP or DUI Treatment Court.



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