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Clearing Your Criminal Record in Berks County Pennsylvania

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Criminal Law |

Several weeks ago I represented a client charged with Harassment in Reading, PA. She was found not guilty by a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. The verdict was great, but we wanted to make sure her criminal record remained clean as it should be.

I filed a petition to expunge the non-traffic citation so that future employers and others could not uncover the mere issuance of this citation. Even though a close review during a background check would show that she was ultimately found not guilty, many potential employers might be hesitant to hire someone who was simply accused of Harassment. By having the matter expunged you are virtually wiping away any trace of this record.

Just yesterday my petition to expunge was granted and the Judge signed an order. This order will then be distributed to the various offices and agencies that would retain these records.

You may be eligible to expunge or clear your criminal record in Pennsylvania. By statute there are several different circumstances under which you can successfuly petition the court. Many people are operating under the false assumption that just because something happened a long time ago, or your case was dismissed that your record is clean. Call our office today to learn if we can help clear your record and expunge your charges.



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