Today I represented a client charged with a Speeding Citation in a Berks County, PA District Court. The allegation was that she was 31 mph or more over the speed limit – and specifically that she was traveling 89 mph in a 55 zone. If convicted (or if she simply mailed in a plea and a fine) she would face an automatic PENNDOT departmental hearing which would lead to either a 15 day suspension, a driver improvement class or a driver’s examination. In addition, she would face 5 points on her license.

Fortunately, I was able to work out a favorable resolution with the Trooper which the Judge accepted. In the end my client was guilty of only 15 over, a 3 point offense. The result being no departmental hearing, license suspension and no significant increase in insurance rates.

We regularly represent motorists charged with traffic violations in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Even a speeding ticket can adversely affect your driving privilege and insurance costs. Call our office today to learn how retaining an experienced attarney can improve your chances of a favorable resolution to your Berks County traffic citation or speeding ticket case.