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Client Avoids Jail Sentence and Driver’s License Suspension

by | Mar 30, 2012 | Criminal Law |

Yesterday I represented a motorist facing a mandatory 60 day prison sentence along with a 1 year license suspension. He had been charged with Driving Under a Suspended License – DUI Related under Section 1543(b) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. A conviction under that section calls for 60 to 90 days incaration.

This particular case involved some unusual facts that certainly called my client’s guilt into question.

In the end my client was convicted only of the lesser offense of Driving without a License at section 1501, as well as the catch-all citation of “Obedience to Traffic Control Devices.” The result was no jail time, no license suspension, no points.

We regularly represent motorists charged with moving violations in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Call our office today for a free consultation regarding your Berks County speeding ticket, traffic citation or license suspension issue.



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