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Not Guilty Verdict in Berks County Felony Jury Trial

by | Apr 24, 2012 | Criminal Law |

Today I won a full not guilty verdict for a client following a 2 day jury trial in Berks County, PA. My client had been charged with Aggravated Harassment by Prisoner, a Felony of the Third Degree. If convicted he surely would have faced at least 2 years in State Prison up to a maximum of 7 years. 

My client had been accused of spitting on a Sheriff’s Deputy while being held in the Central Processing facility after being taken in for Public Drunkeness. The case presented a number of difficult challenges including my client’s admittedly drunken and beligerent behavior. Further, we would have to challenge the allegations of a law enforcement officer who was the one and only witness of the alleged spitting incident.

In the end, the Jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on the single count after deliberating for less than an hour. My client walked out of the courtroom a free man.



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