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Armed Robbery Case Favorably Resolved in Berks County Juvenile Court

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Criminal Law |

I recently represented a juvenile who had been charged as an adult in a Felony 1 Armed Robbery case in Reading, Pennsylvania. He was accused of going along with an adult who brandished an AK-47 at third person and robbed him of $1,500. In adult court the Juvenile was easily facing at least 5 to 10 years in a State Correctional Facility.

Fortunately, I was able to get him case decertified and transferred to Juvenile Court where there is a more balanced focused between holding a juvenile accountable and providing for his rehabilitation. He admitted to the allegations and was sent to a secured treatment facility. Once there he participated in treatment and counseling, completed community service, pursued his education and worked on his relationship with family. After about 9 months he was successfuly released.

We were in Berks County Juvenile Court last and happy to report to the Judge that that the young man had successfuly completed all of this obligations – including restitution to the victim. The Judge congratulated my client and discharged him from supervision – a little more than one year following the incident.

If your child is facing allegations of delinquency in a Pennsylvania Juvenile Court, please call our office. I have successfuly represented hundreds of kids in Berks County Juvenile Court over the past seven years. Call our office today to schedule a free first time consult.



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