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All Charges Dismissed in Theft Case

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Attorney Ryan W. McAllister recently had all charges dismissed in a Berks County theft case. Our client was charged with Theft By Unlawful Taking, 18 Pa.C.S.A. 3924, a misdemeanor of the 1st degree, and Receiving Stolen Property, 18 Pa.C.S.A. 3925, a misdemeanor of the 1st degree. Both of these offenses were punishable by up to five (5) years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.00.

Our client was accused of taking an extra $2,000.00 from a local Bank in Berks County when cashing a certified check at the bank. During his research on the case, Attorney McAllister was able to determine that Pennsylvania Rule of Criminal Procedure 586 could be utilized to attempt a dismissal of the charges against our client. After ongoing negotiations with the Berks County District Attorneys Office, Attorney McAllister was able to strike an agreement that would result in our client paying back the money taken from the bank in exchange for a dismissal of the charges. Thereafter, a court order was presented to the Judge, which the Judge subsequently signed, dismissing all charges against our client. There was no resulting probation, no fines, and no court costs.

Attorney McAllister is currently talking to our client about the expungement process, and, if our client wishes to move forward, Attorney McAllister will file documents with the Court to wipe any trace of this incident from our client’s record. Our client was very satisfied with the services of Nevins & McAllister, PLLC. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges in Berks County or Reading, Pennsylvania, please contact us right away at 610-372-5128. Our experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorneys will be happy to discuss your matter in detail during a no-cost consultation.



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