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Simple Assault Charge Dismissed in Reading, PA District Court

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Attorney Dan Nevins represented a client charged with a misdemeanor simple assault charge stemming from an altercation outside of a Reading, Pennsylvania bar in January 2013. The defendant was a female who was alleged to have scratched the face of a male companion during a dispute. The alleged victim and another male reported the incident to police later and charges were filed.

The preliminary hearing was held at Reading Central Court and the alleged victim and the other male witness testified for the Commonwealth. On cross examination Attorney Nevins got the male to admit that he was intoxicated and he had actually pushed the female into her vehicle with such force that the windshield was smashed. Attorney Nevins introduced a photograph of the female’s vehicle showing the smashed windshield. Further, on cross examination, the male admitted that following this altercation he and the other male left the female lying in the parking lot before fleeing the scene.

In the end the District Judge dismissed the misdemeanor charge and instead assessed a small fine for the scratches caused.

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