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Not Guilty Verdict in Double Homicide Trial

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Last week Attorney Dan Nevins won a complete acquittal for a client charged with a double murder in Reading, PA. The client had been charged with 2 counts each of 1st and 3rd Degree Homicide as well as Conspiracy. Additionally, he was charged with Attempted Homicide in connection with a 3rd alleged shooting victim as well as multiple counts of aggravated assault.

At the conclusion of the Commonwealth’s case the Judge granted Attorney Nevins’ motion for a judgment of acquittal to all Homicide and Conspiracy Counts. Following closing arguments the Judge charged the Jury with the remaining counts including the Attempted Homicide and weapons charge. The Jury returned a full not guilty verdict four hours later east Inflatables.

The Commonwealth had alleged that the Client conspired with two others to ambush members of feuding family on Pear Street in the city of Reading. There were two victims who were fatally wounded by gunfire and a third that had been hit with shotgun fragments. The Commonwealth’s position was that the Client fired a shotgun from the second floor window while the other gunmen shot from a car and the street. The Commonwealth also offered an incriminating statement allegedly made by the Client. In the end, the Jury rejected the Commonwealth’s theories and acquitted the Client of all charges.moonwalk inflatables

The Client had been facing life in prison if convicted at trial.



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