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Client Avoids Jail in Berks County Suspended License Case

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Attorney Dan Nevins recently represented a client charged with a 6th offense Driving Under a Suspended License offense. The Client was facing certain jail time and an additional license suspension if found guilty of the offense before the District Judge.

Fortunately, Attorney Nevins was able to negotiate with the arresting officer and highlight the various mitigating factors involved. In the end the Officer agreed to amend the citation to Driving Without a License, a violation of section 1501 of the vehicle code. This lesser offense resulted in a fine of $200, with no jail time and no additional license suspension Jeux gonflables.

The attorneys at ENM Law have a proven track record of success in all manner of criminal and traffic offenses in Berks County, Pennsylvania. If you are facing a driving or license suspension offense it is critically important that you retain an attorney experienced in the area. ENM Law offers a free initial consultation in all criminal and traffic cases. Call today to schedule your appointment.



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