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Not Guilty Verdict in Reading PA Robbery and Aggravated Assault Case

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Attorney Dan Nevins won a full jury acquittal this week in the Berks County Court of Common Pleas. Our client had been charged with 25 counts including multiple counts of Felony 1 Robbery and Aggravated Assault involving a shooting that occurred in West Reading, PA. The allegations were that our client and a Co-Defendant made an attempt to rob a drug buyer at gunpoint. Subsequent to the attempted robbery our client was alleged to have Hindered the Apprehension of another, which itself was a separate felony case.
At the end of the Commonwealth’s testimony Attorney Nevins won a Judgment of Acquittal on 13 of the charges and the remaining 12 went forward to the Jury. During closing argument Attorney Nevins successfully argued that the Commonwealth’s complaining witness lacked any credibility due to his own inconsistent statements and criminal charges. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict on all remaining counts within 40 minutes of being sworn in. Our client had been facing over a 100 year maximum possible penalty if convicted. 



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