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ENM Law News: Successful Criminal Case Outcomes in Berks County

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Our attorneys secured the return of a client’s firearms after many years of unsuccessful attempts made by other attorneys. Our client’s firearms were taken by the courts a number of years ago and he had been trying ever since to get them back. Our attorneys argued to the court that the failure to return the firearms was a violation of our client’s constitutional rights. The court agreed and ordered the weapons returned shortly thereafter.


Our Berks County criminal attorneys recently negotiated a reduced sentence for a client charged with Delivery of Heroin. The client was facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. Our attorneys raised the argument that there were significant problems with the handling of the police investigation which violated our client’s rights. Following the filing of that motion, our client was offered a probationary sentence.


Our Berks County criminal attorneys represented a client charged with felony Stalking. Stalking is usually a misdemeanor offense, but because it is a recidivist crime, stalking becomes a felony if you have previously been convicted of the same offense. Our attorneys filed a pretrial motion and, at the pretrial hearing, argued that the victim had withheld important information relating to the stalking allegations. Our client was later offered a plea agreement for a summary citation and fine. Our client avoided a maximum permissible sentence of 7 years of incarceration and a $15,000 fine.


Our Reading, PA criminal attorneys were hired to represent a decorated war veteran on a firearms charge. Our client was charged with attempting to illegally acquire a weapon by making a false written statement. PA law (18 PA.C.S. 6111(g)(4)) makes it illegal for a person to complete the application form for a background check as required to purchase a weapon from a firearms dealer if he knows that he is not lawfully permitted to possess a firearm. Our client was convinced by the firearms dealer to complete the application even though the client knew the application would be denied and without the client being told of the consequences. Months later our client was arrested and was facing a felony charge which carried a maximum permissible sentence of 7 years of incarceration and a $15,000 fine. After explaining the case and advocating for our client, our criminal defense attorneys were able to ensure that our client received a probationary sentence.

If you’ve been charged with a firearm or drug offense contact our Reading, PA criminal law attorneys at 610-372-5128 or email us at [email protected]



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