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ENM Law News: Positive outcomes in Berks County DUI-related cases

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What should you do about your Berks County DUI charge? You should have your case evaluated by one of our experienced DUI attorneys. Read about some of our recent cases.


A client was charged in Berks County for driving with a DUI suspended license otherwise known as a 1543(b) violation. Read more about the charge here. The client was facing a mandatory 60 day jail sentence and $500 fine. This client came to Attorney Ebner hoping to avoid these penalties. Attorney Ebner attended the hearing and reached an agreement with the police wherein the charge was significantly reduced and the client received a $25 fine plus court costs with no further license suspension.


A Berks County 1st-time DUI offender was facing a mandatory 72 hours of incarceration, a 1 year license suspension and fines and costs for a highest-rate of alcohol DUI. Read more about first-offense DUI’s here. Attorney Ebner stepped in to represent this client to try to reduce the sentence. Attorney Ebner submitted multiple character letters on this client’s behalf and was able to negotiate a sentence wherein the client was placed into the DUI ARD program and received no jail time or license suspension. Read more about the Berks County DUI ARD program here.


One of our Berks County clients was charged with a first-offense DUI and additionally with refusing to submit to chemical testing. This client had applied for the DUI ARD program and was facing the usual ARD sentence for a DUI with a refusal which included a 60-day license suspension. The client was charged prior to the US Supreme Court’s recent decision in Birchfield (read more about this important DUI case here** add link). Knowing that the Court’s decision was coming soon and that it could have a huge impact on her client’s case, Attorney Ebner delayed the disposition of this client’s case to wait for a ruling in Birchfield. Because of the new issues that have been raised by the Supreme Court’s Birchfield decision, this Berks County DUI client was given a reduced ARD sentence for general impairment (the lowest level DUI sentence) and NO license suspension.


If you’ve been charged with a DUI or 1543(b) violation in Berks County, whether it’s your first criminal charge or you have been convicted of crimes in the past, you need an experienced DUI attorney to review your case. Our Reading, PA DUI attorneys have all of the necessary experience to get you the shortest DUI sentence possible. Contact us today at 610-372-5128 or [email protected]



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