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Pennsylvania changing its laws on license suspensions

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Child Custody, Criminal Law, DUI, Family Law, Uncategorized |

What offenses would lead to a mandatory driver license suspension is changing here in Pennsylvania. This is due to a bill that was signed into law by the governor late last month.

The law will get rid of mandatory license suspensions for certain types of crimes. This includes drug offenses not connected to driving.

Under previous law, license suspensions had been required for certain non-driving drug crimes here in Pennsylvania. This requirement drew a fair amount of criticism. Critics accused it of being irrational and unfair, putting too big of a burden on people and increasing the risk of recidivism among individuals convicted of drug crimes.

Once the new law’s removal of this requirement takes effect, individuals convicted of non-driving-related drug crimes will no longer be facing an automatic temporary loss of their license. The new law will come into effect 180 days from its signing.

Do you think this new law will help lead to fairer sentencing in the state when it comes to drug crimes?

Now, there will still remain a range of driving-related crimes in the state that can trigger required suspensions.

Also, drug crimes will continue to carry a range of penalties that can have major ramifications for a person’s everyday life. Understanding what impacts a drug crime conviction can have can be key in making informed decisions when facing drug charges. Drug crime defense lawyers can help individuals charged with drug offenses get an accurate picture of their situation and what defense routes are available to them.



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