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Understand the full cost of a DUI

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | DUI | 0 comments

True, it can be inconvenient to leave a car at a Pennsylvania bar or restaurant and have to pay for a cab or rideshare home. That cost requires a comparison to the total cost of a DUI.

Esurance offers an in-depth look at how expensive getting a DUI can be. Keeping such costs in mind can help motorists think twice about drinking and driving.

Towing and impounding

When found legally impaired behind the wheel, drivers have to have their cars towed and impounded. Getting to the towing yard costs money, as does having the car released from impound.

Penalties and fines

Drunk drivers also have to pay penalties and fines for their DUI. The total cost depends on whether the person has a prior DUI arrest. What is worse is there could be additional penalties.

Court fees

Court paperwork and court appearances cost money. Multiple factors impact the total cost, such as the potential involvement of property damage in the arrest and how long the case lasts.


Undergoing a class or treatment program could become necessary, notes Different programs have different costs, which can add up to a few thousand dollars.

Attorney fees

Hiring an attorney can help reduce penalties, fines and other related implications. That said, it costs money to mount a defense, the total of which adds to the full cost of a DUI.

License reissue

Anyone who has her or his license suspended as a result of a DUI can have it reinstated…for a fee.

Other costs to consider are the price of insurance after a DUI and an ignition interlock device. Such costs can linger for a while after receiving an initial DUI.



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