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Custody disputes and sleep disorders

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Family Law | 0 comments

From a legal point of view, there are many issues to think about for those who are working through a custody dispute. However, many other considerations may need to be evaluated when it comes to disagreements over custody and the aftermath of a dispute. For example, some people may develop a sleep disorder, which could cause their lives to unravel in diverse ways. Or, someone may have an existing sleep problem, which could interfere with their ability to protect their custody rights and their child’s best interests.

It is imperative to watch out for the various stressors that can come up with custody cases, and sleep-related issues are no exception. It is common to lose sleep due to a custody dispute, especially leading up to a court hearing or immediately following a decision. For some people, the stress and emotional challenges associated with these disputes can be particularly difficult, and long-term sleep problems may surface. During these instances, speaking with a medical professional may be helpful.

Parents may be able to avoid some of these problems by taking the proper approach to their case. For example, developing a better understanding of the custody process as well as some of the strategies that make the most sense could be immensely valuable for anyone who has found themselves in the middle of a contentious dispute over how custody should be awarded.

Child custody can be a very complicated facet of family law, and no two disputes are identical. Please look into our page on this topic for more information related to managing a custody dispute.



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