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Diabetics can face wrongful DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | DUI | 0 comments

During a police stop for a DUI in Pennsylvania, there is room for mistakes. Sometimes, police may make the wrong call. This can happen with a number of medical conditions, including hypoglycemia.

Police will look for several different clues, according to the NHTSA. Police may look for bloodshot eyes, soiled clothing, fumbling fingers or any unusual actions. Unfortunately, a person who has hypoglycemia may act unusually to the officer’s eyes. Now, officers should ask if the person is diabetic. Some undiagnosed diabetics do not know what hypoglycemia feels like until they speak to a doctor about the symptoms. If a person does not realize the medical condition, he or she may answer that they have no medical conditions.

Police will ask a person to go through a number of field sobriety tests. These tests will allow the officer to observe a person’s balance and coordination. Someone who is suffering from low blood sugar, according to Mayo Clinic, may have clumsy or jerky movements. As with a high BAC, patients will have slurred speech and double vision, which makes it difficult to complete the tests.

Often, in severe hypoglycemia, the patient is confused. He or she may not understand what is happening and this could look like drunkenness. In addition, the cop may be unable to get an explanation. While cops should offer a breathalyzer test on the spot, sometimes they do not if they believe that they have enough cause to make an arrest. With hypoglycemia, drivers may be nervous or anxious, which can look very much like someone experiencing guilt.



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