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What will happen in court after I file for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Family Law | 0 comments

While no part of the divorce process is easy, you may experience extra stress when it comes time to actually go to court. You may never have been in a courtroom before or spoke to a judge. It may be quite intimidating. The stress you may feel about the uncertainty of what will happen only adds to the stress you have about the divorce in general. It can ease your mind to know exactly what to expect when you head to a Pennsylvania family courtroom.

The York County, PA, website explains that in the state, divorce proceedings occur before Divorce Master. This is an experienced attorney who the court appoints to oversee divorce actions. This attorney is a neutral party just like a judge.

When meeting with the Divorce Master, you will discuss your case and any issues. You can bring up anything that you and your spouse have not yet agreed upon. This includes discussions of child support and custody matters. This is a collaborative effort where you, your spouse, your attorneys and the Divorce Master all work together to resolve issues and finalize your divorce agreement.

If issues remain after discussions, the Divorce Master will then act as the judge who makes rulings based on the law. You do have the right to have a judge review the ruling if you disagree with it.

The process is not too scary once you know what to expect. Although, you should treat it very seriously. This is a legal proceeding with an outcome that will impact you and your family. You want to maintain a professional attitude in court and respect for the Divorce Master. This information is for education and is not legal advice.



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