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Addressing physical abuse during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Family Law | 0 comments

People split up for a wide variety of reasons, from less serious factors such as growing apart to very concerning issues such as domestic violence. Many people are subjected to intimate partner violence, which occurs in different ways (physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse). Those who experience abuse firsthand often get restraining orders and take steps to protect themselves and their children from additional harm. However, they often have other issues to work through as well, such as the process of bringing their marriage to an end. Moreover, they often have to bring these experiences up during the divorce process, especially if child custody is at stake.

Sometimes, victims of domestic violence do not speak out. Whether they are afraid of retaliation, do not know their rights or simply feel too overwhelmed to deal with the situation properly, there are different reasons why some people stay quiet after experiencing abuse. However, it is imperative for people to stand up for themselves and speak out during a divorce if domestic violence was present in the marriage, especially if children are involved. For example, a parent who is working through a custody case cannot remain silent if their child was abused in any way by the other parent.

Our law firm sees these cases and similar challenges on a regular basis. We are familiar with the various pressures that parents face and the steps they can take to improve their chances of an outcome that is more ideal. Feel free to browse through our family law section to go over more on custody disputes and other topics regarding the end of a marriage.



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