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How much does a Pennsylvania DUI raise your auto insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | DUI | 0 comments

All states take drinking and driving extremely seriously, so it is reasonable to anticipate significant penalties if authorities in Pennsylvania charge and then convict you of driving under the influence. Even if it is your first time facing this type of conviction, you should plan on spending time on probation, paying substantial fees or fines and attending substance abuse treatment programs, among other potential penalties.

While the repercussions associated with drinking and driving in Pennsylvania may prove costly and time-consuming, asserts that some of them may impact you well into your future. For example, while you may or may not lose your driver’s license for some extent of time following a DUI conviction, you should count on watching your insurance rates climb sharply in the aftermath.

Just how much of an automotive insurance increase should you anticipate after receiving a Pennsylvania DUI conviction? Most Pennsylvania residents in your shoes find that their annual insurance premiums increase by more than 50% in the wake of a DUI. If you are a fairly typical driver aside from the incident that led to your drunk driving charge, you should expect your annual insurance premium to increase by about $754 following your conviction.

Many insurers calculate their clients’ premiums differently, so if you feel as if the policy one company offers you is unreasonable, you may want to shop around to see if another company makes a better offer. You may find, though, that some insurance companies are reluctant to cover you at any price once you have a DUI conviction on your record, because they may see it as a risky move.



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