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Can a DUI conviction impact your college life?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | DUI | 0 comments

As a college student in Pennsylvania, it is your time to explore your options before heading out into the working world. You can expand your studies, try out new jobs and get a feel for what you want out of your college and post-graduate life.

Unfortunately, just one mistake has the potential to irreversibly impact your college career. This is the possibility of getting convicted for a DUI-related charge.

Facing the potential of financial consequences

The College Investor goes a step farther, claiming that a DUI conviction can ruin your college life. First, you can lose your ability to attend your college of choice. It is rare, but the college may decide to expel students convicted of DUI-related crimes. This is especially true if the conviction is for complex or compounded charges, such as DUI driving with a minor in the vehicle.

Even if the college does not expel you, they can still strip their financial support. This includes scholarships or benefits you might have. On top of that, they can also bar you from using on-campus housing. This forces you to pay for housing off campus if you do not live near the school. This could make the cost of attendance high enough that you cannot afford it anymore.

Alterations in your career options

Also, your career options could change. Many licensed professionals cannot practice with a DUI on record. This includes nurses and other care practitioners. Any job that involves commercial driving is out of the question. So are certain jobs that deny applicants with DUI convictions, like childcare or government positions.

You may need to change your entire career plan based on just one mistake. This is why it is crucial to defend yourself if you face such charges.



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