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How can you co-parent successfully?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Family Law | 0 comments

After a divorce, you may wonder what the future brings for you and your children, especially if you have to co-parent with an ex-spouse.

Committing yourself to setting healthy boundaries and solving problems together can help you both face the challenges of co-parenting successfully.

Be honest and direct

According to Psychology Today, constant communication is a key part of being a co-parent. Emailing or texting about news or scheduling conflicts can help you both avoid confusing each other or your child. Trying to hide information from one another or lie about problems you are facing can lead to hurt feelings and a loss of trust.

Stay positive

Avoid talking disrespectfully about your ex-spouse, especially in front of your child or any other family members. It can be easy to slip into bad habits after a divorce, such as complaining about your ex-spouse’s behavior or what he or she does.

Your children could pick up on those emotions and unsafe discussing sensitive matters with you in the long term. It is inappropriate for a parent to set up a situation where your children may need to choose between you and your ex-spouse.

Have boundaries

Children going through a rough transition period in life may test boundaries and try to break rules. Staying firm in how you discipline them can help keep a sense of normalcy in both households.

Trying to be the “fun parent” will likely only result in a confusing and unhealthy situation for a growing child. Co-parenting is a rewarding but tough process, and knowing how to work as a team can help your child flourish.




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