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What is the impact of custody interference?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Child Custody | 0 comments

After a divorce, dealing with child custody with your ex-spouse may prove to be a tough task. 

However, interference consists of more than just minor disagreements. It is a pattern of intentional disruptions from one parent in order to prevent a healthy relationship from occurring between the other parent and his or her child. 

Damaged parental relationship

According to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, custodial interference can happen when one parent decides to directly or indirectly limit the child’s communication. This can be in written form, such as not allowing the child to text his or her other parent, or by preventing phone calls and regular scheduled visits. 

Lack of communication leads to a fractured and strained parental relationship, where you may not even be aware of events like school recitals or important doctor’s appointments. While interference is legal if it protects a child from danger, there are many cases where one parent acts without a legal basis and in bad faith. 

Stress and strain

If your ex-spouse attempts to interfere in your custody arrangement, you may feel as if there is no solution. Dealing with someone who is late to drop off your child and early to pick him or her up can leave you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. This can lead to added tension between the two of you, with your child caught in the middle of the argument. 

Asking a third party to neutrally observe or oversee drop-offs can be tough to do. In extreme cases, an ex-spouse may even transport a child over state lines without anyone’s knowledge. Both direct and indirect parental interference leads to extra strain on your mind while dealing with your custody arrangement. 



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