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What do you know about felonies and becoming a real estate agent?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Criminal Law | 0 comments

You want to become a licensed real estate agent, but your recent encounter with Pennsylvania law enforcement left you with a felony and doubts about your career path. Could your charge prevent you from earning your license?

Chron explains your rights regarding real estate license applications and how your charge affects your chances of attaining licensure. Understand how to proceed and which options you may consider.

The nature of the crime

Your chances of becoming a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania may depend on the nature of your felony. If you have a history of credit card fraud, burglary, robbery or receiving stolen property, you may not have much luck in earning a license. No matter the nature of your felony charge, do not lie or “forget” about it on a license application, as the law considers such actions an act of fraud that disqualifies you from earning a license.

The license application

The state real estate application asks about criminal convictions and professional wrongdoing. You should not twist the truth or omit your felony entirely, as you must submit your fingerprints along with the application so the state real estate board may run a background check. While state laws differ regarding licensing real estate agents with criminal pasts, each state has the right to turn down applicants after reviewing applications individually.

By learning how Pennsylvania’s real estate board tackles license applicants with criminal charges, you better understand where and how to focus your energies moving forward. Your felony may limit your licensed real estate agent opportunities, but that may not mean you cannot work in the real estate industry at all.



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