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Can a DUI conviction affect college?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | DUI | 0 comments

Getting convicted of a DUI can impact your life in numerous ways. Everything from your insurance rates to your finances can suffer, and you may even face repercussions in job and house hunting.

On top of that, if you are a college student, you could face potential repercussions that affect your schooling, too.

What happens in the absence of expulsion?

The College Investor goes so far as to claim that a DUI conviction can entirely ruin your college career. First, note that it is unusual for a college campus to completely expel a student for a DUI infraction alone. In cases of expulsion, more complex convictions usually end up involved, such as a DUI-related accident causing the death of another student on campus.

Next, understand that even if you do not get expelled, you will still face consequences. Police will report your DUI conviction to your college, so you cannot try to hide it. From there, it is up to the dean to decide what to do about your case. They will likely cut financial support, including scholarships or rewards that you got in the past.

Losing access to campus housing

They may also prevent you from using on-campus housing, forcing you to look for off-campus housing instead, which is often much more expensive. If you have a suspended license due to DUI, you will also have to use public transport or other methods of commuting to get to your classes.

When combined, these punishments can price you out of college attendance, which can ruin your studying plans and even future career options. This is why you should take a DUI charge serious from the start and avoid a conviction.



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