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How can you prevent stress for children during divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2022 | Family Law | 0 comments

In the time leading up to a divorce, you and your ex-spouse may learn to control the anger or stress you feel. However, what you may not notice are your children’s emotional reactions to this change in their lives.

Taking steps to eliminate stress for your children can help them adjust and thrive during the divorce process.

Do not dwell on the negative

According to Psychology Today, it may feel easy to dwell on the conflicts you and your ex-spouse are facing and how life post-divorce will be different. Children often notice more than you assume, and they may feel anxious about the future even if they cannot put the emotion in words.

Whether it involves moving houses or switching schools, reassure your children that you will always love them and that this time of rapid change will not last forever. It may help to schedule days out together where you both can forget the daily stress of this divorce process.

Encourage questions

When their future seems uncertain, children often have multiple questions and thoughts about their lives and what will happen next. Be open and encouraging, and make it clear that you are fine with answering any questions they have.

Instead of keeping negative emotions inside and throwing temper tantrums, children can then learn to process complex feelings.

Follow a regular routine

When everything seems to be fresh and new, following a daily routine can help children find a sense of normality. Steady bedtimes and regular after-school activities can help them deal with all the other parts of their lives that are changing. Following a few simple ideas allows them to feel less stressed and more energetic after your divorce.



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