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What are signs of parental alienation you may miss?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Child Custody | 0 comments

After a huge change like a divorce, you may miss some signs of parental alienation that come from your spouse.

Learning about alienation and how it can harm your children can help you recognize the signs early. It can also allow you to make emotionally healthy choices when you feel upset about this problem.

Copied speech patterns

According to Psychology Today, noticing your children repeat rude words or phrases about you that you have heard your ex-spouse using in the past can be a serious warning sign. A parent who tries to alienate children from their other spouse can continually mention inappropriate or false details about the other spouse’s personal life.

This may happen when you are not there or after you drop your children off at your ex-spouse’s house. Although they may use these phrases around you, your children will likely not understand the full implications of them.

Unknown source of anger

When children begin to act in a disrespectful way out of nowhere and also cannot explain why they are so angry, it may be because the alienating parent is also angry. This parent can influence how the children perceive the world and how they act around you.

Your children could claim that they never liked you or never had any good times around you. They may even feel ashamed or upset if they are enjoying spending time with you away from their other parent. The manipulation and lies that alienating parents use can impact how your children feel about you and the time spent with you at your house.



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