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Why should you aim for joint parenting?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Child Custody | 0 comments

When parents go through a divorce, they have additional concerns to worry about on top of the usual issues like spousal support and division of assets or debts.

They also have to worry about the well-being and welfare of their child. One way to help a child get through a divorce is by providing a stable environment. Joint parenting is one potential way to do that.

A child’s best interests

The American Psychological Association discusses the benefits of joint custody and parenting. Joint custody involves both parents, compared to sole custody in which only one parent has full legal and often physical custody of the child.

Note that in some situations, sole custody serves as the prudent option, such as in cases with an investigation of abuse allegations.

However, most studies otherwise show that joint custody will serve a child best. It provides the most amount of stability by reducing the number of extreme changes faced by the child. Though their family dynamics and living situation will change regardless, they still have both parental figures to turn to.

Increasing stability and support

Having the involvement of two parents can not only help in terms of financial support, but it can also help with the emotional support of the child. Some studies show that children in joint custody situations have a lower rate of anxiety, depression and even stress or trauma disorders compared to children in sole custody situations.

Thus, while not possible for every family, those who can take advantage of the benefits joint custody offer should do so. It could lead to a smoother transition through divorce for their children.



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