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Does your child have drug paraphernalia in your home?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Criminal Law | 0 comments

Raising a child nowadays can seem like a herculean feat, especially if your son or daughter has behavioral issues. It is not uncommon for troubled kids to use drugs or alcohol, unfortunately. According to Psychology Today, though, you can take steps to discourage your teen from experimenting with drugs.

Often, parents first realize their kids are dabbling in drugs when they find drug paraphernalia in their homes. If your child has paraphernalia, he or she may need counseling or rehabilitation for drug addiction. Likewise, he or she may be on the verge of facing criminal prosecution.

An expansive definition

When you think about drug paraphernalia, your mind may go to syringes, baggies or scales. Still, the commonwealth has an expansive definition of what constitutes paraphernalia.

Put simply, anything a person can use to manufacture, ingest, package or distribute drugs can be paraphernalia that is illegal to possess under state law.

Severe penalties

If your child is not yet facing criminal charges for having drug paraphernalia, it may be beneficial to explain to him or her the legal consequences that often come with a conviction. In Pennsylvania, possessing drug paraphernalia is usually a misdemeanor offense.

Nevertheless, your teen may spend up to a year behind bars and pay a hefty fine. This is in addition to any penalties he or she may encounter for possessing the controlled substance itself.

While it may be important to you to get the drug paraphernalia out of your home, you do not want to ignore the underlying risks to your child. Ultimately, by getting your teen the help he or she needs, you may enable him or her to build a healthy and record-free future.



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