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Can a DUI keep you from getting a job?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | DUI | 0 comments

A DUI conviction can adversely affect several areas of your life, ranging from your finances to your career goals. Unfortunately, if you happen to receive a DUI in the middle of your job search, your ability to obtain employment may become that much harder.

Though a DUI conviction may not necessarily directly affect your ability to find a job, it can significantly narrow your job prospects. Chron explores how and when a drunk driving conviction can impact your job search.

A DUI conviction and sensitive jobs

How a DUI conviction impacts your job search depends largely on the type of jobs for which you plan to apply. Certain positions — such as those that involve driving company vehicles, caring for children and handling sensitive information or materials — may be more sensitive to DUI charges than others. Moreover, companies that handle significant amounts of confidential information may also hesitate to hire persons with criminal records, if not prohibit their hiring entirely.

A DUI conviction and character assessments

Though DUI arrests and convictions are common, and though they affect people from various backgrounds and all walks of life, many employers use them as a test of character. More specifically, many employers consider an applicant’s honesty regarding prior criminal convictions, regardless of their nature. If you lie on your application about your DUI arrest and/or conviction, and if a potential employer finds out that you were untruthful or deliberately omitted information, the employer may deem you untrustworthy. On the other hand, if you disclose your conviction — and if you accompany it with a brief and apologetic explanation — an employer may chalk up the behavior to a momentary lapse in judgment.

A DUI and other issues

Aside from job sensitives and character assessments, a DUI conviction can halt your job search in other ways. For instance, a common penalty associated with DUIs is licensure revocation. Without a license, you may be unable to get to work. Moreover, you may not have a license to provide to potential employers for hiring purposes.

A DUI conviction can prove detrimental to your job search. For this reason, if you face DUI charges, the best thing you can do for your career and your future is to fight to have them dropped or reduced.



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