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How Kayden’s Law will impact Pennsylvania child custody laws

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2024 | Child Custody | 0 comments

Kayden’s Law, named after Kayden Mancuso, aims to protect children during custody disputes. Kayden lost her life in 2018, prompting lawmakers to take action.

The law focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being of children in custody cases.

Stricter screening for abusers

A key change Kayden’s Law brings is stricter screening for abusers. The law requires courts to consider any history of abuse when making custody decisions. This includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Judges must look at past behavior and assess the risk to the child. If a parent has a history of abuse, the court can limit or deny custody and visitation rights to protect the child.

Enhanced training for judges

Kayden’s Law also mandates enhanced training for judges handling custody cases. Judges must receive training on domestic violence and child abuse. This training helps judges recognize signs of abuse and understand the impact it has on children. With this knowledge, judges can make better-informed decisions to ensure the child’s safety.

Child safety prioritization

The law prioritizes the child’s safety over all other factors in custody decisions. Courts must now focus on protecting the child from harm. This means that allegations of abuse receive careful consideration. The law ensures that the child’s well-being comes first, even if it means limiting a parent’s custody rights.

Increased use of supervised visitation

In cases where a parent’s behavior raises concerns, Kayden’s Law encourages supervised visitation. This allows the parent to spend time with the child in a controlled environment. A third party monitors the visits to ensure the child’s safety. Supervised visitation can help maintain the parent-child relationship while protecting the child from potential harm.

Kayden’s Law brings notable changes to child custody law in Pennsylvania. Kayden’s Law reflects a commitment to putting children’s needs and safety first in every custody decision.



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