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State representative arrested for DUI seeks forgiveness

A state representative in Pennsylvania was allegedly caught driving while intoxicated with alcohol at more than twice the legal limit. The incident took place in Mercer County along Interstate 79 around 9 p.m. in the evening. The police were originally notified when the representative was spotted driving erratically, and the police performed a traffic stop when they saw him change lanes without signaling.

ENM Law News: Client "NOT GUILTY" in DUI Case

DUI cases are concerning for many clients because there is often mandatory jail time associated with a conviction, as well as a lengthy license suspension. One such client was recently represented by Attorney McAllister in the Berks County Court of Common Pleas. Our client was facing the prospect of spending a mandatory 3 days in jail and a 12 month license suspension, not to mention a misdemeanor conviction on his record. Understandably, our client was very concerned about these possible consequences.

Will I automatically lose my license after my first DUI?

You left a bar after a night out with colleagues, and you decided to drive after drinking. Unfortunately, you committed an insignificant traffic violation, and an officer pulled you over on a DUI suspicion. After breathalyzing, you are charged and arrested for a DUI.

Spotlight Issue: What does the legalization of medical marijuana mean for DUI law in Berks County?

Pennsylvania legalized marijuana for limited medical purposes in August of 2016 and dispensaries are now operating. Although the law has been passed, there is still much work to be done in order to implement the program and to ensure that medical marijuana usage is legal and safe. One area in which there is a still a question about the legality of medical marijuana is Pennsylvania DUI law. Currently, marijuana is classified as a schedule I drug which means that it has been determined to have no legitimate medical usage. Obviously that is no longer an appropriate classification based on the current law. However, the outdated classification continues to leave Pennsylvania DUI law in limbo.

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