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A new year means another flood of divorce filings

Some Pennsylvania couples start the new year by making positive resolutions such as getting more exercise or breaking bad habits. However, some couples prefer to use this time of the year to end a marriage they believe isn't working and transition back to single life. This is such a common occurrence that the first Monday after New Year's Day is often referred to as "Divorce Day." However, the annual spike in divorces typically continues throughout the first month of the year.

Divorce and dividing the family home

Pennsylvania couples who decide to divorce will have major decisions to make about how to handle the family home. The marital home is often one of the largest and most valuable assets to be included in divorce negotiations, and it can carry emotional significance beyond its financial value. In addition, unlike bank accounts and retirement or investment funds, real estate cannot be easily divided in two. As a result, many people decide to sell the home as part of the divorce.

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