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Protect Your Future From A Sex Offense Conviction

If you have been accused of a sex offense, you probably feel shocked, lost and scared. These accusations can destroy your professional and personal reputation and cause you to lose your freedom. They can result in years of jail time, lengthy periods of probation and often carry the requirement to register as a sex offender. It is crucial to work with a strong defense team to protect your name from these charges.

We can work with you to clear your name of these accusations. At Nevins & McAllister, PLLC, based in Reading, our attorneys have defended numerous clients accused of sex crimes. We have years of experience working with clients throughout Berks County. Often, we can help get these charges reduced or dropped, or help reduce the severity of your criminal penalties. We have also had success in defending these cases at trial before a jury and securing “not guilty” verdicts for our clients. We will not hesitate to take a case to trial after careful consideration with you.

Understanding SORNA And The Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, or SORNA, is a law that requires people who are convicted of certain sex crimes to register as sex offenders. However, the state Supreme Court recently found this registry unconstitutional and many offenders no longer have to register.

If you had to register as a sex offender under this law, we may be able to challenge your registration and get you off this list.

Don’t Hesitate: Schedule A Consultation

These charges can ruin your reputation and follow you for years afterward. But they don’t have to. By enlisting the help you need, you can fight back against these charges.

The longer you wait to speak to a lawyer, the more time the prosecution has to build its case against you. Call our firm at 484-258-2204 or send us an email to make an appointment with our team.