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Treatment Court: What You Need To Know

Everyone makes bad choices. It doesn’t mean they should follow us around forever. Nevins & McAllister, PLLC, is focused on getting our client’s lives back on track. We have worked with people throughout Pennsylvania when they were unsure where else to turn. If you are struggling with alcohol or drug use and are dealing with legal consequences, we can help.

Setting Clear Expectations For Our Clients

Drug treatment courts have one main goal: helping people turn things around. In some cases, it could also minimize the consequences of the criminal charges you are facing. They combine judicial supervision, treatment, mandatory drug testing and incentives. Its purpose is to help offenders deal with their substance abuse problems and break the cycle. As your representation, we can discuss your case and determine if this is a good option.

The court will monitor and evaluate how you do in this program. As time goes on, adjustments can be made based on your needs. However, it is important that you do the work. This is a solution for those who are can take on this challenge. We are here to support you and advocate for you from beginning to end. We truly value our clients, their success and their future. We will do everything we can to help you navigate the complex legal system and find a resolution that will work for you.

Call Now; Don’t Wait Any Longer

We understand how complicated the situation you find yourself in is. Our attorneys are here to listen, judgment-free. Our top priority is your well-being. Call our office in Reading to schedule a consultation at 484-258-2204 today. You can also fill out our contact form.