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Helping You Help Your Family

Your family is the most important thing in the world. When you encounter a challenging roadblock to your family’s happiness, you need legal advocates who can protect your rights and look out for your family’s best interests.

At Nevins & McAllister, PLLC​, we know that family legal issues such as divorce, child custody, spousal support and child support can quickly become emotionally overwhelming. If you are in the middle of a contentious legal dispute, we can provide calm and effective legal representation that is reinforced by our in-depth understanding of family law. Allow us to steer you through this upsetting time and help you come out stronger on the other side. We’ve helped Reading and greater Pennsylvania families face these challenges head on.

Uphold Your Children’s Best Interests

Children should not be pawns in their parents’ divorce battle. Whether you and your partner are preparing for a divorce or you are determining the details of a parenting plan, your children should come first. Our legal advocates will always fight for you and your children’s best interests.

Compassion In A Time Of Conflict

As much as you might want to end your marriage amicably, this is not always possible. When it is no longer beneficial to negotiate with the other party, our attorneys will not hesitate to go to court. We know the Berks County court system very well. Our seasoned trial attorneys will use this knowledge to your benefit at trial.

Although we are tough litigators, we also take care to treat our clients with compassion and concern. Because family legal disputes can be very painful, we will always provide a sympathetic ear and compassionate guidance, and we often find ourselves taking on the role of not just a lawyer, but an adviser, a counselor and trusted confidant.

Start The Conversation

We are here for you, and we are ready to help you with your family law case. Contact a lawyer at our law office in Reading for your free consultation. Call 484-258-2204 or contact us online.