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Retail Theft Charges Withdrawn At Preliminary Hearing

by | Nov 9, 2010 | Criminal Law |

Last week, I represented a client at a district court hearing who was charged with Retail Theft, 18 Pa.C.S.A. 3929, as well as criminal conspiracy. My client was a frequent customer of Home Depot located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Months ago, an employee of Home Depot was arrested, charged and prosecuted with “under-ringing” merchandise. Following his arrest, the employee of Home Depot implicated my client as the supposed “mastermind” of this “under-ringing” scheme. My client and I both believe that the Home Deport employee pointed the finger at my client in an attempt to get a better outcome in his own case.

My client had no prior record in Pennsylvania and had served in the military. Therefore, we prepared a vigorous defense to get the charges dismissed; this was not the type of case that was going to be a plea bargain.

At the preliminary hearing, I met with the assistant district attarney assigned to the case as well as the police officer who had filed the charges. After discussing the specific aspects of the case, as well as presenting some case law that was extremely favorable to my client, the Commonwealth agreed to withdraw each and every charge against my client.

Initially, my client was facing the potential for jail time and/or the possibility of a lengthy period of probation under the supervision of the Berks County Adult Probation Office. Additionally, if convicted, my client would have been ordered to pay a significant amount of court costs and fines, and he would have had a misdemeanor record for the rest of his life.

After court, however, my client walked out with no jail time, no probation, no fines, no court costs, and no criminal record. Needless the say, he was very happy with the result.

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