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February 2016 Archives

ENM Law News: Successful Criminal Case Outcomes in Berks County

Our attorneys secured the return of a client's firearms after many years of unsuccessful attempts made by other attorneys. Our client's firearms were taken by the courts a number of years ago and he had been trying ever since to get them back. Our attorneys argued to the court that the failure to return the firearms was a violation of our client's constitutional rights. The court agreed and ordered the weapons returned shortly thereafter.

ENM Law News: Emergency Custody Petition

Our Berks County family law attorneys were able to obtain sole physical custody for a client after divorce proceedings began. The opposing party in the divorce was refusing to allow our client to see his children so our attorneys filed an emergency custody petition asking that custody be given to our client. The hearing was expedited and the court granted our client sole custody of his children.

Spotlight Issue: Driving with a suspended license?

You were caught driving with a suspended driver's license and received a 1543(b) citation. Is this just a regular traffic ticket? NO! A 1543(b) citation can result in a jail sentence and significant fines.

ENM Law News: Successful Family Law Outcomes

A father came to ENM Law for assistance in getting custody of his daughter who lives in Berks County. At the point that he came to see Attorney Ebner, this client hadn't seen his daughter in 7 months because the child's mother refused to answer his calls and moved to a different residence without notifying him of the new address. Attorney Ebner immediately filed a custody complaint and was able to track down the mother to serve her. Despite the mother's refusal to cooperate, Attorney Ebner was able to secure a custody order for this client which assures him visitation time with his daughter and allows him to take her out-of-state to visit her paternal grandparents.

ENM Law News: Client Not Guilty of Abandoning a Vehicle

Following a guilty verdict at a summary hearing in front of a Magisterial District Judge in Berks County for the charge of Abandonment of Vehicles, Attorney Ebner filed a summary appeal on her client's behalf. A summary appeal is a new hearing in front of a Berks County Common Pleas Judge. Summary appeals must be filed within 30 days of the guilty verdict from the MDJ. At the summary appeal hearing, Attorney Ebner argued that her client could not be guilty of the charge because the alleged victim possessed the title to the car. The Common Pleas Judge agreed and the charge was dismissed at the appeal hearing. The client avoided a summary conviction and a $500 fine.

ENM Law News: Simple Assault Dismissal

Attorney Ebner recently represented a client charged in Berks County with Simple Assault. Read more about the charge of Simple Assault here. At the Preliminary Hearing for the assault charge, Attorney Ebner was able to convince the judge that her client had acted in self-defense which led to the charge being dismissed. Due to Attorney Ebner's representation, this client was able to avoid a potential 2 year jail sentence.

ENM Law News: Reduced Sentence for Possession with Intent to Deliver Charge

After receiving misinformation from three other lawyers, a man with a Possession with Intent to Deliver charge in Berks County came to ENM Law for help. Read more about the PWID charge here. This client had been told by the other lawyers that he needed to accept a plea offer of 5-10 years. The length of time was based on the amount of drugs involved. Attorney Ebner took over the case and quickly obtained the evidence that the police had against the client. Upon review, Attorney Ebner realized that the amount of drugs had been miscalculated and was able to receive a significantly reduced offer of 3.5-7 years. The client was satisfied with this offer and pled guilty.

ENM Law News: Forgery Charges Dismissed

Despite the frustration over her case being drawn-out over a 2 year period, an ENM client charged with felony counts of Forgery, Theft by Deception and Receiving Stolen Property and related offenses recently got a happy ending to her case. You can read more about the crime of Forgery here. This client was the employee of a non-profit agency in Berks County and was charged for an alleged conspiracy to steal money from incompetent individuals. She was facing a maximum sentence of 78 years of incarceration. This client denied any involvement and because of the consistent pressure applied by Attorney Ebner, all charges against the client were dismissed and her arrest record was expunged.

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